I Move For Me: Rosh Radia

Photo Credit:  Wellness & Wander Studio

Written by Rosh Radia

Rosh Radia is a runner living in North West London. She likes painting on denim jackets, taking photos, and spending most of her time outside. She can be found on twitter at @RoshRadia and on instagram at @Rosh_Radia where you can read more of her poetry. 

I started running
to breathe
to escape
because I was jealous
of my sister who ran
she took me
her wing
her kindness
her encouragement
she taught me that walking
still counts
(it will always count)

I ran for the medals
their heft
around my neck
weighing me
I travelled to run
to collect more medals
and photos (for the ‘gram)
and memories
is there a point of travelling
if you
don’t run?
(no I used to think. Sometimes I still do)

I ran for the times
I was
and faster
and faster still
I ran for the distances
over and over and over and over

now? Now I run for the people
the friends
the smiles
the hugs
the shared sweat and
shared laughter
the shared pain and
shared support

now? Now I run for
the strength in my thighs
the weight they can bear
running for a bus
is easy

now? Now I run
because I am still not
supposed to
I should be
leading a small life
a quiet life
a contained life
instead my life is full
of adventures
and strength
and opinions
and passions
and desires
(let women exercise and watch them thrive)

now? Now I run
because of
the strength in my mind
to keep going
to keep trying
failture is a step
the journey will never end
the run will never end

running was something
now it is everything

Photo Credit:  Wellness & Wander Studio